Non-Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers

CRN Series

CRN Series non-cycling refrigerated air dryers are engineered to provide you with moisture free air today and tomorrow with the tradition of Champion’s durability. Quality components and engineering excellence are combined to ensure you of a stable 38°F pressure dew point. These exclusive compressed air dryers combine reliability, cutting-edge design, and innovative packaging into a single space saving unit. The air quality delivered from an CRN Series dryer will define the difference between moderate and superior results from your plant’s processes or systems.

  • 10-3000 SCFM
  • Maximum inlet temperature: 130°F
  • Maximum operating pressure: 250 PSIG, controller dependant
  • Integrated Grade B (3 micron) Filtering – standard
  • Integrated Grade E, Cold Coalescing Filtering – optional
  • Automatic Zero-Loss Drain
  • Four levels of controllers for ultimate customization